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Your Traditional Canadian Maple Farm

100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Accept no substitutes. Our maple syrup is made using a wood-fired evaporator (not propane or oil). We do not use a water extraction process (reverse osmosis), nor do we use de-foaming agents (which are used by many producers to reduce foam during the boiling process). The result is a pure product that we are confident you will be able to taste the difference in.

- 250 mL: $7.00

- 500 mL: $13.00

- 2 Litres: $40.00

- 4 Litres: $70.00


100% Pure Canadian Maple Sugar

- Small Maple Leaves: 50 cents each

- Large Maple Leaves: $1.00

- Large Maple Rabbits: $2.00


Maple Tarts

Enjoy one of these tarts when you visit the lodge, or take home a box to share!

- $1.25 each (plus HST) or $9.50 for a box of 9 (no HST on the box of 9)


Sand Road Signature BBQ Sauce

This rich and flavourful sauce is half maple syrup. Enjoy it on chicken, ribs, or dipping sauce.

- 500 mL: $9.50